Towable Boat

It can be quite a challenge task to find the right kind of boat transport. However, with FDS Dispatch it is not so. Whether you have a towable boat or a non-towable one is not our concern. This is because we have a wide network of carriers, which have the expertise to transport both Towable and non-Towable boats. It needs to be mentioned here that the cost to ship Towable boats is lesser than that of shipping a non-Towable boat.

All our boat carriers are well verified before they are allowed entry into the network and only the ones, which have adequate experience in boat transportation can be part of the network. The best thing about fetching a boat transporter at FDS Dispatch is that you can post your load for free on our load board. Once you do so, you have access to several quotes from different boat transporters from which you can choose the one that perfectly matches your requirement.

Our network of towable boat transporters generally hauls the boats on trailers with one-ton pickup trucks. Besides, with us at FDS Dispatch, you can also expect a safe and secure transportation of your boat within a scheduled period of time. Last but not the least, the quotes you get from us are best in the market.