Terms And Conditions

all users are responsible for verifying insurance, license, bond, and payment terms themselves.

No Agency Relationship Created

No agency relationship exists or shall be created between fdsdispatch.com and any customer, shipper, transporter or other entities or persons who have entered into a business transaction or contract after utilizing, in whole or in part, the web-site and/or the services provided by fdsdispatch.com for any purpose or reason. An agency relationship or any similar relationship arising in law, such as joint-venturer, partnership, agent principal or employer-employee is specifically disclaimed and prohibited by fdsdispatch.com. By offering its services, fdsdispatch.com does not intend to form or be a party to any such relationships and shall not ratify any acts or representations by any person or entity which purport to assert or to establish that any such relationship has been formed or exists involving fdsdispatch.com.

Disclaimer Of Warranties And Limitation Of Liability

It is understood and agreed by the user that fdsdispatch.com is merely a logistics website, to be used or not used at the option of the individual. fdsdispatch.com hereby disclaims any all warranties, express or implied that may exist in law or equity regarding the use of its services. fdsdispatch.com expressly disclaims all warranties of merchantability, suitability, fitness, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanlike performance, reliability, good faith, fair dealing and performance and states that no promises and no warranties of any nature are being made to any user of this website. fdsdispatch.com is a free service, provided to the public on the basis that fdsdispatch.com shall have no responsibility or liability for any damages, acts, occurrences or omissions of any person or party that may occur or arise in conjunction with or after the use of this website. By using this service and website, users agree and affirm that fdsdispatch.com shall not be liable or responsible to it in contract, tort, law or equity for any claims, damages or causes of action of any nature or for any damages it may suffer or incur arising from the use of this website or by subsequently entering into a contract or similar arrangement with a shipper or transporter of goods or equipment, specifically including consequential damages, compensatory damages, damages for conversion, for loss, damages to or destruction of goods or equipment in transit, loss of profit, breach of contract, loss of business opportunities, fraud, deceit, punitive damages or injunctive or equitable relief.

All persons utilizing this website agree and affirm that they are doing so at their own risk and responsibility and that no warranties or promises are being made by fdsdispatch.com to users of this website as to the ultimate result or outcome of use of the website by the user or as to the outcome or successful performance of any contract or business arrangement made by and between any user and shipper or transporter of goods or equipment.

All users agree and covenant to hold fdsdispatch.com harmless from all claims, damages, suits, causes of action or losses of every nature and kind arising from the use of this website and agree and covenant not to sue or cause to be sued any claim lawsuit or action against fdsdispatch.com based on the use of this website or any contract or arrangement entered into between users and transporters.

Verification of insurance coverage, operating authority, suitability, competence, condition of equipment and all other facts and information about a prospective carrier is the responsibility of the person seeking transport and not that of fdsdispatch.com. fdsdispatch.com makes no warranty or representation as to the existence and/or status of any of such factors on behalf of or pertaining to any transporter. All qualified transport companies may be researched at www.safersys.org.


fdsdispatch.com is a logistics website providing an on-line communication service connecting shippers, owners, brokers, and transporters of heavy equipment, such as boats and automobiles. Anyone with a need to ship such equipment to points throughout North America can, without charge, advertise that need on the fdsdispatch.com website by completing the form found here and proceeding in accordance with the terms, conditions, and rules set forth herein. Select registered transport companies can view the origination, destination, type and size of equipment to be moved and contact, through the fdsdispatch.com website, the person with equipment to be transported.

Responsibilities of all Parties

Shippers, owners, brokers, and transporters must submit, to the best of their knowledge, true, correct, accurate, and reliable information. Any participant found to be supplying false information will be removed from participation on the site.

Responsibilities of Carriers

All carriers agreeing to accept loads posted on fdsdispatch.com' website represent and warrant that they are duly and legally qualified to provide all interstate and intrastate transportation services requested. They also agree to comply with all federal, state, and local laws regarding the provision of such services.

Carriers must be legally licensed per DOT regulations and possess the proper insurance and must provide proof of such by mail or fax to fdsdispatch.com before gaining access to the website to view transport details. Carriers shall procure and maintain liability insurance insuring carrier against liability for bodily damage (including death), property damage, and cargo claims for loss or damage to automobiles, boats, and other heavy equipment, in at least the minimum amount required for motor carriers by applicable federal or state law or regulation.

Abuse of Information

fdsdispatch.com reserves the right to terminate the access of any person or company violating the terms, conditions, and rules herein.

Use of this website to broker or share load information will result in termination of membership.

Privacy Statement

fdsdispatch.com respects your privacy and commits to using any information you provide only as it is necessary in any transportation venture.