Shipping Calculator


How it works.

  1. Enter the origin and destination.
  2. Enter the shipment details for as many items as you like.
  3. Get your free estimate(s).
With more and more e-commerce websites coming up in the market, there is definitely a need for a shipping calculator. This calculator is a utility needed to keep track of the costs for processing of a shipping cargo. All the expenses are monitored using a shipping calculator for customers. If you are looking for one, then you can benefit from such a tool, which will keep a real-time track of the cargo’s shipping costs.

Moreover, it will keep track of all the stages, covering up the cargos whereabouts right from the time of shipment to its delivery destination. Nowadays, shipping calculators have become so advanced that they are able to keep track of real-time aspects of shipping as well. This means that you as a customer will have the right to know where your product is heading while it is being delivered. At the same time, you will be able to keep track of the costs before delivery of the shipment. E-commerce stores provide with such services nowadays, which benefits the customers and eventually increase the store’s reputation. FDS Dispatch also provides with a convenient shipping calculator that will let your products be delivered at the most convenient costs.

Features of Shipping Calculator:

Some of the many features are discussed here for you:
  • Shipping cost calculation:
    A shipping calculator can calculate all the shipping costs for you – whether they are domestic or international. It carefully monitors the costs from the source to destination and then calculates. This way customers get the actual costs calculated.
  • Estimation of costs:
    A lot of factors come into play when the actual cost is estimated. Some of these are rate of shipping companies, seasonal costs, discounts, insurance, destination costs, and applicable taxes. The final price is estimated using this tool.
  • Shipment tracking costs:
    Another service offered by a shipping calculator is tracking of the shipment. As costs are estimated and calculated for the shipment at every location, it makes it easier to keep track of the shipment as well. The customers are able to identify their packages while maintaining a convenient check on the costs as well.
  • Accurate calculation of costs:
    Shipping calculators also help keep track of the actual costs no matter how big or small a package is. Products can be of an irregular size making it hard to deduce the costs for. However, a shipping calculator benefits you by calculating accurate costs.

FDS Dispatch offers you a shipping calculator for keeping track of your packages being shipped. It is easy and convenient when you control this profound tool on your own. And if you own an e- commerce store, then offer your clients complete transparency of shipping expenses so that they can benefit by saving extra costs. FDS Dispatch shipping calculator will keep track of your costs effectively for sure.

How it operates:

1. Enter the locations. This will comprise of origin and destination of the shipment.
2. Enter the details of the shipment. Details like size, weight, and quantity will be entered here.
3. Shipping calculator will then provide you with the estimates free of cost.