Ship My Car - RV Towing Service

Do you have an RV and you need to transport it? No worries. We are here to help you at FDS Dispatch. We have a wide network of carrier services, which can efficiently two away your RV when it is not in a working condition. It is true that towing away your RV can be more expensive than the RV driven services. But at times there are no other ways but to tow your RVs to the desired location.

To tow away your RV, it is important that you connect with a reliable and efficient service provider. They should offer you great services at a more reasonable rate. This is possible at FDS Dispatch. All the carriers that are part of our network are licensed and have the know-how to ship your RV. As you choose a carrier through us, you can be sure to get the most competitive pricing possible. The carriers registered at FDS Dispatch are highly courteous and follow every instruction given by the owner completely.

However, when you decide to ship your RV from one place to the other, you should take away all your personal belongings and check that that all doors and windows are properly latched. You will just have to post your load on our RV load board to have access to several carriers along with their quotes.