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RV Load Board

There are several types of RV and we all need tow away service for it on & off. When it comes to RV we will find goosenecks, pintlehooks, fifth wheel etc.

RV – Recreation Vehicle, Motor homes, conventional Travel Trailers, Truck campers, Folding camping Trailers & many more

When you want to get your RV shipped, we have some tips for you to keep in mind. You must be well prepared, to have a smooth transport and to save money you can take help of a RV Load Board. Firstly decide you want RV Towing Service, or RV driven service. A RV not in working conditions will be driven and always choose a licensed transporter. When you have a trailer or non working it will need a towing arrangements, which is as compared to driven is a bit expensive.

Now its time to choose a carrier, on a load board you post load carriers will find you , choose the best quote and always remember before you use them do some checking on their Department of Transport (DOT) and Motor Carrier (MC) numbers. Every carrier will have them and with these numbers you can go online check all information about them easily.

Hope this will help, you to post your load on our side fdsdispatch and this makes your Job easy as we are specialized in RV loads.

rv trailer load board
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David Dowdy 12-Dec-2017
I want to start hauling two a way RV'S in the western states. I'm just looking for the right load board to use.
James Nobles 11-Nov-2016