Best Auto Load Board - Load Board

If you are planning to get into the transport business, load board should be an integral part of your business. It is a platform that lets truckers get access to loads posted. However, it is possible that the prices you get from load boards are quite less, but the advantage of load boards is that truckers are able to form a network, which helps them in the later stage of the business. At FDS Dispatch, you can expect to get access to a load board, which is equally efficient for the carrier as well as the shipper.

If you are an individual trucker or a trucking company, you can search for loads at the FDS Dispatch by freight, by origin, by load type or by destinations. We have numerous load requests uploaded in our load board every day so you can have quick access to several freight options. It is recommended if you are looking for quick pay, you can opt for direct consumers, who have shipping requirement. Such customers will pay you faster.

On the other hand, you have a load to transport irrespective of the fact it is a FTL or a LTL, you can have complete trust on us. This is because a lot of carriers are registered with our network so you can choose someone, who perfectly addresses your requirement. You can be sure to get the best of services at the most reasonable price with us at FDS Dispatch.