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Hotshot Freight

Hotshot transport comprises a wide variety of materials that requires shipping. It may contain heavy machinery, gas and pipeline materials, equipment required by construction sites or oil refineries. Whatever be the case, we have the perfect solution ready for your load. We have an advanced hotshot load board or platform for individuals or businesses that are in need of hotshot freight. We have a wide network of skilled and experienced carriers, and our job is to connect the shippers with these carriers.

We at FDS Dispatch have a wide range of hotshot freight options from which shippers can choose the one that suits their requirement. You just have to post your load requirement and our automatic mechanism will throw in several quotes from different hotshot freight carriers.

There are many reasons as to why FDS Dispatch is a preferred name among many. We have been known as the provider of safe, reliable and timely hotshot services to different locations across North America. We believe in nothing but the best. Hence, even the hotshot drivers we offer our clients are well-trained and know their job well.

We are always in the process of continuous innovation with regards to our services as we want our customers to have a amazing experience with us.

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Mark Washington 04-Jun-2017
I'm a New hotshot company located in Salem New Jersey looking for a dispatcher can you help me get loads I have my MC,DOT,EIN,fully insured. With a 30' gooseneck trailer with a 5' dovetail with ramps can you help
Darren Collins 28-Nov-2016
I have a hotshot service and I am looking for a dispatch service
Darren Collins 28-Nov-2016
I have a Hotshot service a
William Roy Kennedy 11-Nov-2016
Iam an owner operator with everything in need for hotshoting. Ins. Own authority, got it all. Need a dependable dispatcher to get the job done. Being tired of oh my freight pays 3.00 to 4.00 per mile taking 13% and loads average 1.00 to 1.80 per mile after i get there. Honesty is a must stay out 2 to 3 weeks at a time then go home for a week. If interested please contact me thanks.
Teodoro Barbosa 12-Sep-2016
I'm a owner operator I owned a 12ft cube van fit 3 pallets 48x48x65 right load capacity is 2500 pound looking for hot shot ,700 hundred miles ratios I'm located in Charlotte NC my phone number is 704 -589-8280 my name is Teddy.
Randy 18-Aug-2016
I need an experienced dispatcher to find good paying hotshot loads averaging $2-$2.50 per mile
Adriann ward 21-Jul-2016
I have 12 foot long and 5'5" tall cargo van any body looking for quick delivery I can do I'm the own operator