How It Works For Carrier

For a Transporter, carrier, or owner operator load boards helps you stay in business and keeps your wheels rolling and you never have a deadhead. Some of the load boards are old websites with features which never change. Finding the right one is most important task.

Some factors which bother every trucker but there is hardly a choice and if there is a choice they don’t know about it.

1. When it comes to bidding load boards, we make them successful seeing loads coming but they are the most dangerous ones. They can put you out of business; they also ruin the rates of the market. In simple words bidding kills the industry

2. The fees on load boards is also a considerable part

3. These loads boards give access to big companies with may be 50 trucks or 100 trucks; they eat up the major loads. Their capacity is higher to discount, they are flexible on credit. For example 100 loads posted on load board and it has 50 small carriers. What will happen, 65% of loads will be sucked by one company with 40 trucks and rest 35% is for the remaining 49 carriers. It’s important to understand what checks a load board has in its backend operation.

4. Simple common Features war like Mileage, road assistance, truck stops, fuel charges, Map. Distance, Direction are some common features which are free available online but its always good if you have them Integrated in your load board it helps you save time and by click of a button you get what you want.


Simple common Features – we have all in your dashboard like Mileage, road assistance, truck stops, fuel charges, Map. Distance, Direction, road condition, re post loads, multiple posting

When it comes to seeing a load and you like it you can request load by click of button and talk to shipper, broker or dealer and its all set. Broker can sent you dispatch then & there in easy steps.

You can request load online with your price however, there is no bidding system in it. If shipper likes your price they can dispatch the load to you.

As a carrier you are not tech savvy and you prefer making phone call to the shipper and finalize your price, they can still pick up your details in dispatch form by just entering your company name, its user friendly and easy.

We give you options of setting your own lanes you prefer to operate on so you view mostly your own lane loads. We keep a check on every 100 loads you see. This helps prevent big fishes or big carriers exhaust everything.

We also get direct consumer loads which helps you get the best price and direct consumers pay mostly on pick up, direct consumers always pay better.

We check on carriers Insurance, Licence DOT MCC, they are certified but we do not take any liability of any wrong happening or non payment. We suggest you to check on the users on your own also.

Nominal fee of 30$ monthly and first month is free.