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Heavy Equipment Transport

To ship heavy equipment can be a difficult task for many, but it is not so for us at FDS Dispatch. We have a wide network of Tractor Trailers to transport heavy equipment safely on the road. We have the expertise to transport heavy goods to and fro all locations across the US with absolute efficiency. With us, you can be completely sure of the safety and security of your equipment. All our carriers are certified and have ample experience in shipping heavy equipment. Only when we are satisfied with a particular carrier, we allow them to be a part of our network.

At FDS Dispatch, we have a team of dedicated heavy haul professionals, which means all tractor trailers are operated by drivers, who have been trained in methods to deal with all sorts of heavy equipment. They have the proficiency required for safe and secure transportation of heavy equipment. Besides, we specialize in premier protection and superior risk-management techniques.

Last but not the least, we ensure timely delivery of all your heavy equipment from door-to-door with absolute precision. However, you can track your product while in transit with our advanced tracking facilities. Thus, there is no reason to lose your night's sleep just because you have a heavy equipment to ship. We are right by your side.

Thousands of Heavy-Equipment Shipped Across America Each Year!
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