Free Truck Posting

Our platform helps you get no duplicate loads & keep your truck full.

How it works.

  1. Enter your truck availbility.
  2. Live shippers will see your truck details & contact you direct.
  3. Our huge traffic ensures, no truck goes empty.
Thousands of Loads Shipped Across America Each Year!
FDSdispatch is a platform to find NO DUPLICATE shipments based on your location and preferences any point of Time. Many of the carriers use different Load boards, but we are better because of the traffic we receive Live from different shippers Nationwide. We are letting all our loads flow online on fdsdispatch for you to receive and pick up. Our personal services matches the loads as per your lanes and ensures you keep getting loads all the time.

Our vision is to change the logistics Industry and bring it out of Monopolized operations by few big giants. We will ensure all Play at same level and make Money they deserve. Get connected with us and see our vision will become yours and business will grow.

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