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Small Studio

With such a lot of equipment and a number of people, who need to be at the right place at the right time, making an efficient move from one location to the other can be a logistical nightmare. However, with FDS Dispatch bringing to you the best studio movers from the industry, moving your studio from one place to another will not feel a nightmare. From personal sedans to electric carts to big comfortable buses, which can carry up to 3 passengers, the entire studio whole crew will be where they are supposed to, always. All the equipment too will be there when you make use of the trucks ranging from simple and small stake beds to the huge tractor-trailers.

Features of moving a studio :

  • You need to ensure all the equipment is unbroken and working because the company will not take the blame for it.
  • You can avail the Production Tractors with the Generators, Fork Lifts, the Aerial Lifts and the High Reach Equipment, the Flat Bed Carts and the Make-up Trailers.
  • The expert team will guide you at every step of the moving the studio and will keep you informed.

If you are looking to move your studio with responsibility and quote, FDS Dispatch is here to help you find the best service at the best rates.
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