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Moving a Pool Table

Moving a pool table will be a risky task, not just because the table is of a fragile nature, but also due to the risk of injury to oneself. FDS Dispatch brings to you the best of pool table movers from the shipping industry that will do the job for you in exchange of a reasonable quote.

Features of moving a pool table

  • The combination of delicate and heavy components may lead to an expensive and permanent damage, so you must strongly consider only a professional pool table mover out of the many brought to you by FDS Dispatch. The moving company will take care of everything, from handling, packing, assembling, and moving and so on.
  • Before handing over the entire process to the moving company, you need to ensure that the pool has no scratches or damages. You cannot blame the company for a fault, which was present from before moving it.
  • The moving company will have a team of experts, who will keep you updated with every step of moving the pool table till its delivery.

So, if you have a pool table that you want to relocate, FDS Dispatch is here to help you. You can also find on our board moving services for antiques and other special care items like pianos, glass/breakables, art, etc.
Thousands of Pool Table Moved Across America Each Year!
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