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Shipping a piano is not a huge task provided you make preparations for it much ahead of the time. FDS Dispatch brings to you various options and companies, which will ship your piano for you with utmost care. But you need to make some preparations, which will save you money. The piano is an expensive investment, and thus, its shipping should be done carefully. The piano movers will move your piano without causing any damage to it.


  • Piano moves are professional, and for moving a piano, it is best to contact them. A piano is a sensitive piece and moving it by yourself can definitely cause some or the other damage to the piano, your house or even to yourself. The piano movers have experience of years which let them move a piano efficiently and safely. Even the smallest of pianos are very heavy, and one cannot individually move them.
  • Make some preparations beforehand. You can always help the movers in your way. Make sure the piano is clean of any dirt and has no scratches. Cover it with plastic sheet before the experts come to pick it up.
  • The companies will guide and notify you at every step of moving the piano.

FDS Dispatch brings to you the best of piano movers from the industry.

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