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Personal Watercraft

Shifting your personal watercraft is a walk on the cake!

Moving to a new place may sound all exciting until there comes the time of transporting your personal watercraft. You cannot move your watercrafts in the same way you moved your other vehicles. Special care must be taken as the boats may be huge, delicate and very expensive.

Five things that need to be thought before you hire a hauler -

  • The haulers should be bigger than your watercraft. No point in hiring a vehicle that just manages to hold your
  • watercraft. It should hold your watercraft comfortably.
  • The delivery time and pick up time must be adjusted according to your convenience. In this way, the movers should be flexible.
  • Safety of your asset is of prime importance during packing and moving.
  • The company should have an insurance policy for your watercraft.
  • The packaging process and material used should meet international standards.

Now, it may sound impossible to find such a company, but right here at FDS Dispatch, you will find numerous haulers that can cater to your conditions. You will be able to choose the company that can offer you great services at reasonable price. We aim to become a glorious platform to help customers meet shippers.

Thousands of Personal Watercraft Shipped Across America Each Year!
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