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Houshold Plants

Relocation of household plants made easier!

Plants are the most beautiful and serene things that you can have in your home. A fine-looking garden can beautify your home even more. But, when you have to shift your home from one city to another, you will be faced with a great problem. Whether to take your beloved plants with you or leave them behind! You no longer have to leave your plants orphaned. You can take those green plants to your new home and enjoy the same kind of warmth like you did in your old home.

Several things are to be taken care of when plants are being shifted -

  • Proper digging and taking out of the household plants if they are not potted.
  • Regular watering and sufficient sunlight until they reach their destination.
  • Pest and bug control
  • Replanting at the right location.

Digging up plants, taking them on a long journey and planting them again in your new home is a job that can be done only by reliable people. We can help you find such people, who are familiar about shifting plants. FDS Dispatch can present you with a long list of shippers, who are willing to transport your plants without causing them any harm. All you have to do is, pick the carriers that suit your necessities and budget.

Thousands of Houshold Plants Shipped Across America Each Year!
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