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Glass and Breakables

Breakables itself means fragile and prone to breaking. These items are delicate and need special care and service to be transported. FDS Dispatch brings to you a large range of companies that will serve you with shipping your glass and breakables with utmost care and security. These items can either be sent through road transportation services or even through airplane services.


  • The glass and breakable items need special care and handling. The companies we bring to you have experts, who will evaluate the special requirement of your item and then deliver it accordingly.
  • Artists and art dealers need to ship their paintings, sculptures, etc. often, and this service is best suited for them.
  • The shipping containers are cushioned and custom built to ship safely the artwork.
  • From the pick-up till the delivery, you can rely on the experts at every step while being kept informed.
  • Before handing over the item to the company during the pick-up, make sure it is already well packaged. Use bubble wrap, especially for the glass items.

At FDS Dispatch, brings to you only the best from the industry and assures you a happy and successful shipping of your glass and other breakables.

Thousands of Glass and Breakables Items Shipped Across America Each Year!
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