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Drive away services

More than often, people require moving their vehicles from one place to other. And, for this purpose, a proper carrier or drive away service becomes a must to avoid personal inconvenience. We are here with the solution to this issue. FDS Dispatch is the ultimate platform where the shippers can meet the carriers they need for their vehicles. We assure you the best quote in the market after you select the carrier we certify for you. From tow away services to the drive away ones, we have all you need. We want to provide the best to both the shipping company as well as the customer.

Features of the Drive Away Services

  • The services transport vehicles throughout the United States of America for the various dealers, manufacturers, commercial fleets and corporations that depend on time, safe and reliable delivery.
  • The companies that FDS Dispatch has collaborated with improve the profitability of the customer by making custom transportation programs, which consistently promise cost benefits, better logistical results, and accurate scheduling.
  • The staff is very experienced, friendly and professional. They are committed towards their work and deliver all the delivery information to the client.

FDS Dispatch is here to end your vehicle shipping problems. Be it your car, motorbike, boat or anything, we will deliver what we promise.

Drive away services
Thousands of Vehicles Moved Across America Each Year!
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