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FDS Dispatch is a platform where you can meet reliable carriers and auto companies, which will safely transport your art items to its destination. Items of art have sentimental values, and thus, the client would want it to have the safety of all sorts. Realizing this, we bring you the finest companies that have years of experience in the field. For delivering your art items, you can choose any of the services like the airplane service or road transportation service.


  • The items under this category may include ceramics and glass, ethnographic materials, museum quality items, furniture and wooden objects, metal paintings, leather, and fur, encaustic wax, paper and books, polychrome sculptures, stone and plaster, paper and books, textile and fibre, etc.
  • The security of the item also depends upon how well you have packaged it. Items like paintings and glass materials should have at least three layers of wrapping to ensure zero percent damage.
  • The shipping company would take responsibility only if the damage caused it due to reasons other than inappropriate packaging.
  • All the companies have experts, who have been in this field for a long time and will keep you informed throughout the transport of your art item.

For the best services and best rates, FDS Dispatch awaits you.

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