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FDS Dispatch brings to you various carriers that will ship your Antiques assuring its safety. Items like antiques, glassware, artwork, etc. will have monetary as well as sentimental values to you, and thus, the carriers ensure its safety from the pick up to the delivery. Through their reliable shipping services, your item will be shipped without any worries for you.

Things you need to remember.

  • You must pack the item well and ensure it is not damaged in any way. Improper packaging is the leading cause of the damage caused during transporting. This is your responsibility.
  • If you want to pack an artwork, you can construct the outer box by yourself. You can also buy the box if you are willing to spend money since they are costly. When you want to ship glassware or other delicate items, it is very important to layer the item at least thrice.
  • The team will notify you at every step of the delivery, from the pick up to the delivery.
  • If you want to ship furniture, you must book the carrier well in advance because it consumes a lot of time to pack furniture.

At FDS Dispatch, you can expect best rates from the various auto companies and a happy and successful delivery.

Thousands of Antiques Shipped Across America Each Year!
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