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Antique Car

Antique Vehicles are more than just a utilitarian vehicle to their owners. These are prized possessions, which often times have taken many years and lots of elbow grease for repair. Owing to their sentimental importance and value, it is very important to take considerable time to find the auto transporter, which specializes in moving the antique cars since these vehicles will have specific requirements. FDS Dispatch saves you both money and time by connecting you with several companies that provide shipping of antique vehicles.

Features of antique vehicle shipping:

  • Any tow away and drive away transporter that specializes in moving antique vehicles will have the tools as well as the experience to move your vehicle safely and will have extensive knowledge of the same. It will know the special needs of the car.
  • As with most of the transporters, the antique shippers too have the option of open and enclosed trailers and trucks to move the vehicle.
  • The regular trailers, which are open, should be avoided for the export of antique vehicles since these open trailers will expose the vehicle to all the kinds of wear and tear and weather elements.
  • You will be kept informed at every step of the delivery

FDS Dispatch promises you the best rates from its shippers.

Thousands of Antique Car Shipped Across America Each Year!
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