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Terminology central explains a lot in every operation. The information is to explain how centrally dispatch system works and helps you in your auto transport operations. We call it a central dispatch system.

The main objective is to accumulate all scattered tools and systems which we use in our transport business like load board from different companies to post auto loads, tools to check on miles, tools to check on fuel charges, maps, invoicing, accounting etc.

The key element is to find a central system by which we can bring all our tools at one place and use them to stream line our operations and focus more towards growth & other prime areas of our auto transportation. We have a suggestion to make, using transport software. There is much software available and many of the transports are using them, but the fact is they are not aware about the api system. Which means that whatever load boards they use they can ask these software companies to attach them into the account, in simple words integrate all inside.

This helps you post load at one place and it will automatically get posted on to all subscribed load boards you use, you can access & receive notifications on the same. All the dispatch and other used formats can be commonly integrated init.

Even fdsdispatch.com can be integrated to your existing software, all you need to do is subscribe as a carrier or shipper and connect us to your software company used for transport. Rest our team will manage to integrate it together.

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