The cost to the transporter is as follows:

Transporters wishing to participate agree to pay FDS Dispatch a flat monthly fee, providinlimited access to the customer information on all loads. You'll receive the person's name, phone number(s) and e-mail address (as provided to Then you can put your best deal together directly with the customer,broker,career.
The fee for membership will be automatically deducted on the first of every month from the debit or credit card you used to set up your payment subscription. A prorated first month and full second month's fee will be collected at the time you become a member. If at any time your automatic payment fails, your membership will be temporarily suspended and you will be denied access to load information until such time as your monthly fee is received. Upon receipt of your payment, access will be reinstated.No long term commitment is necessary. Monthly payments can be made by credit or debit card through the secure automatic subscription processor. You can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no refunds if or when you cancel your membership, however, you'll have access to the load information through the time you've already paid for. Access to All Loads

$30.00 per month