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We all know how important our cars are to us. When moving cars from one place to another on long distance, we suggest it’s always better to ship your car than drive it. First benefit you get is your car show less mileage or in other words you don’t put mileage just to ship it, it’s good for resale. Use car transport service and save your car from all the wear & tear you will put by driving it for long distance. No doubt this saves you time & money.

RV – Recreation Vehicle, Motor homes, conventional Travel Trailers, Truck campers, Folding camping Trailers & many more

So we helped you decide that it’s good to use car transport service. Now how to find the right auto transport company is a big question. But don’t you worry this article will help you get the answers.

Auto transport companies have payment policies and they all have different policies as per business operations. Normally you have shell out 10 to 25% upfront and rest on delivery. You must ask & check on their transport contract. Some of them commit delivery dates others may give you an idea on transit days. But getting a guarantee on delivery date from them is always good. Insurance is the most important factor you need to verify as your vehicle will be in third party hands and what if they are careless and something happens.

So it’s good to check before hand.

Pre plan on shipping your auto is very important. There are car load board available online you can post your load there it gives you options to choose best price and choose best company. Best of luck and happy shipping from fds.

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