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How it works.

  1. Enter the origin and destination.
  2. Enter the shipment details for as many items as you like.
  3. Get your free estimate(s).

When we try to search the best, we have certain expectations in mind. To help you get the best auto load board in America, our experts with their decades of experience has some tips to share.

When you get into the business of transport or a buy a truck first thing you have in mind is getting loads. And it’s true most of the truckers start business with the help of load board only. Remember load board is a kick start to your trucking business, but the prices you get on loads from load boards are very attractive. However load boards help you reach shippers and other brokers on it. So in simple words it helps you form a network. In long run this is the best way to grown and reaches people in transport segment.

Most important tip when you picking up a load on load board, always ask for quick-pays like in ten days or less, but that is also possible when you offer some good discounts. You will find many shippers or brokers do not agree quick-pays, you can opt for financing your freight bills.

We will like to highlight a point here about This load board is not just about carrier or brokers, we get loads posted directly by consumers also and posting load is a free. If you come across such consumer loads directly, expect an immediate payment on pick up or delivery.

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