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Top Tips for Shipping Personal Watercraft

Posted Date : 2018-06-04 12:52:28


In the market, there are several types of jet propelled watercraft but among them, the most popular recreational vehicles are the Personal Watercraft (PWC).  PWC refers to a small boat that is so designed to accommodate a single passenger. The primary source of propulsion for the PWC is an inboard jet drive.

The problem emerges when you have to ship the PWC to a new destination. Basically, PWC’s have more delicate, smaller parts, which need more care while shipping. When you mishandle even a bit while shipping your PWC, you will lose proper functionality of your much loved vessel.

Methods to Ship PWC

  • Shrink wrapping

If you have to arrange for your PWC to be wrapped for shipping, you must note that shrink wrap failure is a common occurrence when going over the road. Hence, ensure that your carrier staff wraps every windshield, sharp corner or cleat to reduce excess rubbing and chafing of the boats wrap. When the truck goes down the highway, there are chances that wind velocity will cause the shrink wrap to tear, when it rubs against sharp edges. When shrink wrap tears, it must be removed by carrier. Or else, it will result in damage of the boat by beating against the boat. Shrink wrap will remain intact, when well padded.

  • Roll on/ roll off shipping

This mode of transport is used when trailer is secure for towing under strenuous circumstances. The boats are rolled into the trailers and off the ship. When a boat lacks a trailer, carriers make custom built cradles.

  • Lift on/Lift off (Lo-Lo) shipping

This mode is used for larger PWC’s which are excessively large for the trailer to accommodate the door opening of the Roll on/ roll off feeder or in the container. Personal watercraft shipping needs the transporter to first shrink wrap the boat to avoid damage from sea turbulence. The cost of this mode of shipping will be higher because it needs extra equipment like cradles, manpower, forklifts and cranes.

  • Flat racks shipping

This technique involves loading the PWC for shipping and wrapping it to secure it to the ship. This mode protects the boat from debris/ dirt and potential damage. In case you are shipping a PWC for the first time, you require some guidance.

It is good to note that PWC’s are yet another type of powered vessels. But they have more delicate and complicated parts than traditional boats. So shipping the PWC must be done with extra care.

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