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Top Tips for Selecting Best Load Boards

Posted Date : 2018-06-04 12:50:57


If you are an owner-operator in the transport business, you will need to find good loads to ship. Your aim as a carrier business is to run as many loaded miles as you can to make maximum use of mileage and profits.

One good way to find loads is through load boards, which are online freight matching services. Such websites like FDS Dispatch can save you a lot of time to hunt down business, so that you can focus on earning money.

Here are some tips to look for in an online load matching service:

  • Low cost

Ensure that you are finding a freight matching service which fits within your budget. You can recover costs you spent on load website services after you haul a few loads. Good news is that load matching portals like FDS Dispatch are usually very cheap.

  • Interface that is user friendly

Is the load board user friendly? Search for an attractive interface such that you don’t waste time seeking loads, posting your truck and using other value added features.

  • Opportunity for free trial

Search for a load board which offers a free trial, so you can test whether it fits your needs. Steer clear of a load board which does not provide a free trial.

  • Use mobile apps

Especially as you are always on the move, you require a freight matching service which offers the same access on your tablet or smartphone just like access on your computer.  The best load websites offer mobile apps, which can be used while you are on the road and away from your laptop.

  • Find notifications

You may desire to use a load website which sends load alerts 24x7 in your e-mail or mobile such that you don’t miss any of the opportunities.

  • Brokers enjoy free load posting

When brokers find it easy to post loads, more truckloads will be listed, providing you more opportunities.

  • Look for value added features

Some of the load websites provide scores/ credit ratings/ routing/ mileage and free corporate websites at no extra cost.

  • Ideal while starting early

Load websites are among the fastest way to find loads and this is their biggest advantage. This may not appear to be the most important factor in your trucking business, but it is not a frivolous point. Fact is, when you have just launched your carrier business, among your top priorities is working efficiently with low cost. In the beginning you will find it incredibly tough to find a load.

These are some tips for using load matching websites for building up your carrier business. Checkout FDS Dispatch services now!

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