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How Do You Prepare For Smooth Shipping Of Your Boat

Posted Date : 2018-06-04 12:49:38


Use a professional carrier to transport your boat to its destination. This is a great way to protect the boat (equipment and crew) from damage and wear and tear.

Professional carriers have wide experience of working with shippers, boaters, truckers, boat yards, marinas and port personnel. However, an on-time, safe and secure transport and boat delivery can take place only with detailed preparation and planning.

Typically, the responsibility for preparing your boat for transport rests with you and not, the carrier. Ensure that you prepare your boat thoroughly before the drivers of the carrier company arrive to pick up your boat. In case your boat has not been prepared properly before pick-up, an extra fee may be charged for delay in shipping via boat carrier.

Tips To Prepare Vessel for Transport

  • Secure all things:

 Wherever you are transporting your boat, you must secure it as if it will cross oceans. Anything that extends beyond the hull and has potential to come loose and result in damage during transport must be secured.

  • Store or remove items

Stow away or remove crucial items on the vessel like anchors, exterior electronics, out riggers, propellers, flag staffs, screens, antennas, canvas, drain plugs, dinghies, radar transmitters and hailers. Drain the fuel tank to one-fourth full. Also, drain the water tanks and especially in winter, drain water systems such as pumps and air-conditioners.

  • Dismantle some items

You must disconnect the batteries and tie away the cables to prevent contact. Secure the hatch of the engine and look out for any loose items, which could come loose during transit.

  • Maintenance

You can do well by applying a coat of linseed oil before shipping a wooden boat.

  • Take care of mussel attack

When you find zebra mussels on your boat, it will result in impounding of boat when moving from an infected condition. Be sure to check all areas of boat thoroughly before pick-up.  Transport officials (of DOT) must check for mussels at weigh stations.

  • Check quality of cradling

You must check trailers and cradles for sturdiness, snugness, structural integrity and road worthiness. In case your trailer or cradle breaks during shipment, most carriers will not accept responsibility. In case you require professional cradling, you must notify the shipping coordinator.

  • Provide accurate measurements

Provide the carrier with maximum details of your boat. If you fail to supply accurate dimensions, it will handicap carriers for providing an accurate quote of timing and pricing.

These are all some tips for preparing your boat for smooth shipment.

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