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About FDS Dispatch

FDS dispatch is a logistics website providing an on-line communication service connecting shippers, owners, brokers, and transporters of heavy equipment, such as RVs, boats,automobiles, and anything else that can be towed. Anyone with a need to ship such equipment to points throughout America can, without charge, advertise that need on the FDS dispatch website by completing the form found here and proceeding in accordance with the terms, conditions, and rules set forth herein. Select registered transport companies can view the origination, destination, type and size of equipment to be moved and contact the person with equipment to be transported. Transporters wishing to have access to the additional load information other than what is shown by default should register here.

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Trailer Hauling Services Choose Reliable Hauling Agents

Posted Date : 2017-09-07

Hauling a trailer is certainly one of the toughest things to do. The reason is that it is huge and long. It fishtails when Continue

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Check Before You Ship Your Car through a Transportation Agent

Posted Date : 2017-09-07

If you have not come across the necessity to transport your car to another place, you will not know the agony of waiting f Continue

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Towing the RV Conditions to Follow

Posted Date : 2017-09-07

Owning a RV is fun but getting it to the right place is tough. You can tow motorcycle trailers or a double wide RV and it Continue

Transports News


Posted Date : 2017-08-15

xadasd Continue

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Surge in Auto-Sales to Spur Demand for Freight In 2016

Posted Date : 2016-03-28

The US market is witnessing a continuous six-year surge in demand for automobiles as well as automotive freight.

A growth rate of 2.3% is expected in light truck and new car sales touching 17.7 Continue

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Posted Date : 2015-11-09

Freight demand sputters with easing of truckload rate growth
The rate growth that has been noticed some time back has been waning with slowing down of demand in freight and loosening of Continue

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