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What Should You Look at While Choosing an Auto Transport Company

Posted Date : 2018-01-09 09:44:14


When you are dealing with auto transport companies, you are likely to face both good and bad experiences. There are genuine companies out there that provide good quality services and there are companies which you simply can’t trust.

That’s why it is very important to stay away from unreliable companies, so that you don’t put transportation of your car in trouble. There may be instances where if you don’t research various aspects beforehand, you would even lose money.

  1. Lowest Price: Everyone wants their needs to be fulfilled at the lowest prices. But it generally comes with a price. For example, in the case of auto transportation, there may be a company which is offering a lucrative low price but to complete the order, the car haulers that they need may not be available at the car haulers load board.

If that happens, the transportation may get delayed or, to speed up the process, the company may ask for a higher price which will result into you paying a huge amount of money, which you could have paid to any other reputed transport company without going through all the hassles and delays.

  1. Deposits: Many brokers may ask for an upfront deposit, but one should be careful while paying it without getting the name of the carrier and other contact information. The deposit should be paid after the broker has made a deal with the carrier chosen from a car load board and provide you with the driver's name, phone number etc.

If you pay early, then the money could go to waste if you are dealing with an unreliable company and you may need to put additional amount just to get the work done.

  1. Check the Licenses: It is preferable to opt for a service provider which has a USDOT license. Getting a license from Department of Transportation of the United States means the company is genuine and is more reliable than the other shady ones out there.

While going through auto transport companies, check for reviews so that you are assured that your car will be in good hands. The experience of the drivers will also play a crucial role in this. In the hands of inexperienced drivers, the car in the trailer may get damaged. Hence, it is important that you ask other people and read online reviews so that you can make a correct assessment of the company. 

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