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Truckers’ Safety Matters

Posted Date : 2018-05-07 12:46:21


A trucker’s life revolves around his truck and being at the wheel all the time. It feels like their trips never end. It is extremely difficult to continuously drive a truck for extended periods of time, without any break or pauses in between. There have been several pieces of research that have been conducted that show that there are very significant side effects to extended periods of driving. This is clearly observed in the behavioral traits and lifestyles of a majority of truck drivers. It is seen that there are several people who would gladly take up jobs as dry cargo van drivers, reefer drivers, and flatbed drivers, but they are all apprehensive when it comes to becoming a truck driver. Many companies require the services of truck drivers. However, these drivers aren’t treated well. They are overworked, and many of them often face insomnia.


At FDS Dispatch, we value our truck drivers. They are never overworked, and they are not allowed to carry loads when they have had a lack of sleep. This has prevented numerous accidents, and we uphold a high standard of work. By keeping our truckers happy, we ensure that your cargo van load boards are delivered in the best conditions, with zero mishaps in between. This has enabled FDS Dispatchto create the most efficient and trusted platform for carriers as well as shippers. There is a large network of carriers involved in the transportation of cargo. They are all handpicked and have had several years of experience in the field.

You are guaranteed to get the best quotes from FDS Dispatch and have the cargo and goods delivered on-time, in perfect condition. This is all achieved because we understand the truckers’ safety matters.


When you do something good at the most fundamental level, the effect of it trickles down all the way to every level. This is what makes us so good at what we do. This creates a win-win situation where a lot of time and money is saved by the shippers, and good business is created for the carriers.


When you choose FDS Dispatch for load board cargo vans, you can be sure to get maximum safety and security of your vehicle. You will have the most experienced truck drivers hauling your vehicle, who have been well rested before they start. They will transport the cargo coast-to-coast, or door-to-door. FDS Dispatch also ensures your cargo is tracked at all times, ensuring accountability.

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