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Top Tips For Smooth Towing Of Your Trailer

Posted Date : 2017-10-09 00:00:00


It may be a simple task to haul a trailer but if mistakes occur, it may result in disaster. Keeping this in mind, experts in the business of towing trailers have following recommendations to make:

  • Be  Aware Of Your Weights

The towing rate of trailer shipping is a simplification of several figures. When you are towing in the real world, your most vital consideration is the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). This is the complete amount suitable for your rig: cargo, occupants and vehicle in addition to all things in the trailer.  Hence, in case you have additional passengers, they might reduce the quantum of trailer weight that can be towed. Also, keep in mind the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the vehicle which is a measure of how much weight that can be held in the vehicle, subtracting curb weight. Such ratings for your vehicle may be found on a govt. mandated sticker inside the door of the driver.

 Another figure is Tongue Weight- which is the quantum of weight of trailer resting on the hitch. It is desirable that this figure be around 10% of the weight of the trailer. If weight on hitch is too little, trailer will be prone to swaying back and forth. On the other hand, too much weight on the tongue will take away weight off the front tires of the tow vehicle and render it tough to steer.

  • Getting Hitched

Ensure you use the hitch ball of proper size for the trailer. Avoid using a 1 and a half inch ball in a 2 inch trailer though both are close. This may result in trailer popping off during towing, which is not good. Ensure that trailer latch engages smoothly. Do not exert excess pressure and use a lock or pin to maintain it in a latched position.

As for the hitch, use proper amount of rise or drop such that trailer is more or less level when attached to the vehicle. You must always make use of safety chains, such that even when trailer becomes separated, there is a likelihood that chains will cradle the tongue and cause less damage. After connecting the lights, make sure that all of the following work: hazards, brakes, right and left turn indicators as well as running lights with headlights of towing vehicle switched on.

  • Trailer Braking

For hauling of heavy loads, a trailer with electronic brakes is mandatory. This means you need a trailer-brake controller within your truck. If you possess a new truck using built-in controller, you are ready to start. If you have to buy a controller, stay away from cheaper options. Most are based on timers.

These are some aspects of trailer transport service for smooth towing of trailers.

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