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Tips For Shipping Boats

Posted Date : 2017-10-09 00:00:00


You may have planned a honeymoon in the Bahamas or a holiday watching glaciers in Alaska. Boat charters are available but bringing along your own boat provides great freedom of choice.

But you may face limitations of time and distance. Professional crews for delivery or lift off/ lift on in yacht transport ships or overland transport can bring faraway dream spots within reach. For making your dream come true, we have found the following tips to help cruise in your own boat. Some carriers will provide boat parts fast shipping.

Over Land

It is stupidity to imagine that loading a boat on a tractor trailer is easy. To arrive at South Florida from faraway Maine, a boat owner who has a boat no more than 12 feet wide will have to incur $7000. If boat runs fast, the fuel would cost as much as shipping of boat. Shipping would take around a week by water and four days overland.

Money is not the sole factor while boat shipping. Overland shipping throws open unlikely cruising grounds. You can view the beautiful scenery of Nova Scotia. But dense, frequent fog, high tide, and icy waters put strain on the abilities of boat and crew.

Consider hazards when selecting an overland carrier. Get your carrier to coordinate with the insurance company to avoid loopholes.

Check the reference s of your carrier company from regular clients, especially boat builders. Enquire how they protect boat from theft or damage and also about their equipment. For example, hydraulic trailers can launch a boat which saves hundreds of miles to access a travel lift.

Shrink wrapping is good when done right, but ripped shrink wrap flapping away on the route will do more harm than good.

A boat with large dimensions adds the dollars fast. Boats can be shortened by removing flying bridge, hardtop or radar arch.

Ship Transport

For some exciting cruising, catch a ride on a yacht transport ship. Some companies lease deck space on ships which are carrying heavy cargo. Its teams reach the port ahead of the ship to unload or load boats using cranes. Such companies are able to reach more destinations with sailing. But they are also subject to the vagaries of the shipping business.

Both captains and brokers warn of delays when dealing with boat transport. Usually a delivery crew will wait to stand by in case ship flouts timings.

Besides gaining engine hours, custom brokers recommended by transport ships make prior arrangements for clearance avoiding any hassles.

These are some tips for smooth shipping of your boat. They are useful for personal watercraft transport so that shipping takes place in an effective manner.

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