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Things to know before moving into an RV

Posted Date : 2018-05-07 12:41:54


If you are thinking of moving into an RV, here are some things you must know.

  1.  Research RV living before you try it

In spite of all the fantasies you may have about living in an RV, it may not be pleasant. There are indeed some good things, such as freedom, the view and just fun of traveling. However, it may be difficult for children, pets and at times may not be safe at all. Thorough research on the lifestyle is a must.

  1. Possessions

You will always be on the move when living in an RV. Thus, you would want to carry only that which is necessary. Most people who become full-timers sell even their homes and all but one of their vehicles, which aids the RV. Some people may not be able to part with their possessions easily; they put their belongings in a storage unit which charges rent on a monthly basis.

  1.  Your coach

When you live in a limited space, comfort and privacy are essential. It is best to choose an all-weather unit, which is big enough to allow you live comfortably, full filling all the basic requirements.

  1.  Children and Pets

It is not a good idea to full time with children, because RV parks are not the safest places for them and they lack in child-friendly amenities. Also, more than two people living in even the largest unit causes discomfort. One must understand that traveling is one thing, but day to day living is quite another.

In spite of most people keeping a pet in their coaches, it could create problems. They require special equipment, medication, and food. A few parks do not allow them or require residents to pay extra and camp in a specialized area.

  1. Communication

Keeping in touch with personal and business matters is important. This is easily taken care these days; one only needs to carry a cell phone, a laptop with wireless capabilities and a mail forwarding service.

  1. Insurance

Just as everyone else, even full-timers must arrange for insurance coverage. People without home bases must ensure that the health insurance policy they carry covers them at all locations. Also, an auto insurance policy is required which covers travel units.

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