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Shipping Tips Suitable for Small Business

Posted Date : 2017-05-19 00:00:00


Shipping products is a great challenge for small business. There are lots of confusing details to reckon with and the danger that you have not planned shipping properly.

Here are a few tips for conducting smooth shipping of products and choosing the best shipping company for small business:

  • Always ensure that freight is labeled accurately such as full consignee and shipper information.
  • Ensure proper packing of freight such that nothing is loosely packed or exposed. It is best to box or crate your goods. In case of palletizing goods, you must pack them in cardboards and cover with shrink wrap.
  • For door to door or port to door shipping, be ready to clear customs and collect goods after paying terminal fees.
  • Overseas ports and terminals generally allow free storage for 5 business days. So, it is good to prepare your documents such that you can be ready for clearing customs and collecting your goods.
  • When you collect quotes, ensure you choose right location and request for extra accessories like lift gates.
  • Be aware that shipping quotes for domestic freight are typically valid for 30 days.
  • If you are shipping to Mexico, your inventory must be approved by the Mexican consulate before shipping.
  • With most shippers, if you place orders within noon time, there is a 95% chance that goods will be collected the same day.
  • Heavy items like books must not be packed in large boxes. Usually such boxes will break. Heavy items must be packed in medium or small boxes.
  • Ensure you are ordering shipment of the right products, so that you get the right quote.
  • As regards international shipment, ensure availability of your shipment for overseas customs clearance.
  • Complete set of palletized goods must be banded and shrink wrapped. They must be stacked to a maximum limit of 80 inches and within borders of pallets.
  •  In case of residential pickup, ensure your boxes are ready for loading and you arrange a lift gate.
  • For measuring shipment, dimensions must be rounded off to the nearest inch. Carriers depend a lot on accurate dimensions of freight. Mistakes in measurement of dimensions may necessitate adjustments on part of carriers and may prove costly to the shipper.
  • To avoid damage, most carriers recommend palletizing or crating all shipments of freight.

These are some tips to ship products smoothly and to choose best shipping service for small business.

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