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Posted Date : 2015-11-16 00:00:00

Moving RVs made easy by hiring the best RV Shipping  companies
Recreational Vehicle or the RV is considered to be a tough thing to move. This because, these vehicles are said to come in different sizes and shapes, right from small travel trailers, full-size conversion vans to huge motor homes, being 48” long. Irrespective of the RV that the person is planning to ship, the challenges are said to come with its concept. It is for this reason, there is a need for the RV owner to know the challenges and find out the best rv shipping service in the market that can help them to undertake this task with great ease and make it completely effortless.

Difference between motor homes and travel trailers

The biggest difference noticed is trailers are required to be towed along while motor homes are said to have attached cab with the engine house, enabling it to drive itself. It is regarded to be toughest of the two to get shipped due to their long stature, the sheer weight and high ride height, thereby making them to be unable towards fitting on many carriers. At the same time, travel trailers also tend to suffer from similar issues, however, they are not able to drive on their own, thereby requiring some kind of external assistance for undertaking this task. Shipment of travel trailer is generally done this way. Someone is likely to hitch it on their truck’s back and have it towed. The motor homes are to get loaded onto flatbed hauler that is generally a long one. The person needs to give himself sufficient time, including a robust budget while trying to ship his RV. It can prove to be a time-consuming and expensive task to undertake. Normally, industry experts recommend their clients of taking a lead time of about a week at least, from the booking time to that of the shippers picking it up. However, this time could be further doubled and even tripled for a travel trailer or a motor home. Finding a carrier having the hauling capability of a motor home or a travel trailer can take sufficient time since they are not commonly noticed. The expense usually comes from the weight and the size as they do take plenty of room space and tend to cost the carriers much more when compared to a standard truck or car, in fuel. Therefore, the RV shipper needs to be someone having prior experience and specialization in this field.  

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