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How To Find The Best Carrier For Your Cargo

Posted Date : 2017-10-09 00:00:00


 You are facing the situation of moving home. The main issue is- which cargo shipping company you should use? You may have heard horrific accounts of items damaged or cargo being delayed by several days.

 Hence it is vital that you select a good carrier company after making an educated or informed choice. Your carrier must be reasonably priced, reliable and trustworthy.  You must use load board for cargo vans to find a suitable carrier company.

Here are some points to consider while shipping your cargo:

  • Insurance

Though most shipping companies provide insurance on your goods from start to end of transport, it is crucial to discuss insurance. If there is something wrong with mode of transport like truck or ship, you need to ascertain that goods are completely insured.

  • Safety records

Your cargo will be transported by companies that have much experience and reliable modes of transport and operating procedures. Ask your carrier which mode they will use to transport cargo. Have any of them faced safety issues? You can go to website of a company and identify their safety record for moving items.

  • Industrial standards

When cargo is shipped overseas, it must meet industrial standards. You must ensure that carrier adheres to rules and regulations for transport in destination countries. It is good if carrier has network of international agents who will take delivery of cargo and reach it to your new home.

  • Overall price

Some carrier companies offer one price and later add extra charges under different criteria. Always, you must make a comparison of overall prices charged and request for details of extra fees such as tracking, insurance and fuel. Watch out for hidden fees and so, you must seek a breakdown of the entire price before you select a company.

  • Tools for tracking of cargo

Tools for tracking are readily available for customers because of advances in technology. This maybe in forms like e-mails updating you on position of cargo in transit or online code to track cargo. Some cargo shipping companies may include cost of tracking in overall price while some may charge extra amount for this service. Enquire in detail about this service.

  • Capacity and size of container

You must choose container based on how much cargo you will be transporting. Most carrier companies offer the usual container sizes of a 40’ or 20’ shipping container. For precious or perishable cargo, you may be provided a container which has controlled temperature and are called as reefers.

These are some points to consider while trying to find carriers of cargo van loads.

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