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Expand your Trucking Business with the Power of Online Load Boards and Social Media

Posted Date : 2015-07-30 00:00:00

Before the advent of internet, carriers resorted to posting handwritten notes on various bulletin boards to find the backhauls, while brokers used that information to locate the trucks.
                                            With the emergence of internet technology, many new tools such as online load boards and social media have emerged. Social media or social networking has powered all the areas of business in transportation industries.                                                          Social media has become the online tool for not only connecting with new customers and business partners, but also for expanding the business opportunities. For truckers and shippers, social networking websites are great way to market their business as well as make new business alliances.
There are various advantages of leveraging social media for truckers.
  1. Get more Business 
  2. Manage your Brand 
  3. Manage Shipments 
  4. Trusted Network 
  5. Real Time Information

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