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Posted Date : 2015-11-16 00:00:00

An avid golfer will always invest in a nice golf cart. If you too want to catch up to the trend of golf cart but want to save some then opt for a second-hand cart. You can get a great cart in a good deal if this is your option. If you are someone who will be using the golf cart not too much, then this is the best option for you. But before you buy a used golf cart, keep few things in mind…
  1.       Windshields – Some carts have windshields beforehand. They are foldable and also removable. If the golf cart has a good windshield, then you can check out one thing on your list. 
  2.       Radio – Riders also need some entertainment while in their cart. And for that, some golf carts have radios installed where in you can tune into several channels. If the radio is not in a great condition, then it is okay. That is not the most important factor in the golf cart.
  3.       Seats – Extra torn seats are not something you want to invest in. If the seats are comfortable but have hardly few scratches, then it is completely fine. You can always fix it. Make sure the seats are made out of comfortable material. Also, check for back seats and extra seats, which are usually there in most modern golf carts. If the golf cart is an old model, then bargain a little for the price.
4.       Horns – Horn is another thing, which can be fixed quite easily. And if the used cart has not quite the horn you wanted then do not fret, you can always change it. If the horn wiring is broken or damaged, then you should ask the buyer to lower the rates.
5.       Mirrors – Like in cars, the rear and side view mirrors are important, same goes for the golf cart. Make sure you check if the mirrors are fine and that they are there on the cart. You don’t want to spend extra on fixing mirrors on the cart.
6.       Headlights – Certain areas on the roads could have low lighting due to which headlights become essential. If the headlights are completely broken, then you must find better deals. If the lighting is an issue and can be easily fixed, then you have your perfect deal!

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