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Posted Date : 2015-11-16 00:00:00

Car shipping tips you need to know…
When you are planning a move or planning to sell off your car, the car shipping can be difficult from one place to another. If you know a good auto carrier shipping company, then it can help you out. But if you don’t, then here are some tips on how you can get your vehicle shipping safely and quickly!
1.       Compare the prices – Most of the services provide similar prices when it comes to car shipping, but there are always few companies that give good discounts. Make sure you have a realistic budget in your head because car shipping can cost quite a lot. Note down all the final prices and make your choice.
2.       Protect your vehicle – If you have a classic, luxury or a vintage car, then you will want it to be transported in an enclosed manner. No doubt top loaded will cost more, but then, your car will be safe.
3.       Inspect the car before pick-ups – Make sure you inspect the car well before the pick-up time and do not forget to take photos. If your car reaches more damaged than what it is, then you can do some settlement with the carrier.
4.       Empty the vehicle – Before the car is ready to be shipped, you will have to empty it completely. If you have stuffed tons of things in the car and don’t think it is necessary to remove them, then you are wrong. This will increase the weight of the vehicle and this could further create issues during loading and unloading. Plus your items could get damaged or damage the car while bouncing around on the road while in transit.
5.        Decide on a reliable pick-up and drop location – Before the car is transported, you must learn how the loading and the unloading procedure will be done. There could be times when cars will not delivered to your doorstep and in such a case, you must decide on a delivery location with the carrier. Some streets could not be accessible so it is better to make a 

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